mercredi 29 février 2012

*April May*

April, May c'est une marque que j'ai découvert il y'a quelques mois et je suis déjà une grande fan. Je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de voir les habits "en vrai", mais je ne doute pas qu'ils assurent autant que sur l'image!

Le lookbook est juste sublime! Bon la mannequin y est pour beaucoup à mon avis, c'est une de mes préférée!

Petit mix de style cowboy/navajo/rock qui ne me laisse pas indifférente!

Bon mais il y a quand même une sacré inspiration Isabel Marant là non? J'ai rien contre, mais je trouve que depuis une année il y a quand même pas mal de marques qui se ressemblent plus ou moins. Déjà celle ci et Iro. Presque pareil non? Je vous rafraîchit la mémoire:  

On notera tout de même que c'est la même mannequin (!!!), le style coiffure et pose dans la même idée. Si on ne marque pas d'indications, on peut vite confondre les deux marque pour une seule je trouve. Ci dessous voici la campagne de la marque. Rien à dire j'adore le tout. Mannequin: top, vêtements: über-top, photographie: über-über-top! 

Il y a quand même une sacré inspiration Isabel Marant non? J'ai rien contre, j'adore Isabel Marant, Iro, April May, mais je trouve que ça commence à manquer un peu d'identité tout ça...!

(Est- ce que je mentionne la toute dernière campagne de Mango? Very Isabel Marant- like aussi! Je vous met juste une photo ;))

(Well, it's Kate Moss... Que dire de plus? )

mercredi 8 février 2012

Must watch...

Sophia Coppola's video for Marni H&M

What do you think about the video?

The video is great I think. Clothes are the main purpose, there is this small love story that is lovely and the music, well a bit cheesy but it fits well the atmosphere! 
Can't wait for the collection to hit the stores! It's going to be really nice! 

mardi 7 février 2012

In Love With...

Theyskens Theory

(Love the third silhouette!! Both up and down)

Where to begin? Everything is perfect! Hair and make up are perfect, and the clothes.... I could not choose just one silhouette, all are so perfect!! I love the well structured jacket over a nice and slouchy pant style... It has this boyish attitude mixed with a feminine edge... Love it! 

Olivier is the man!

Emmanuelle Alt

This is just too funny! I've never seen Emmanuelle Alt like this! They did this video for the relaunch of, and her and Mlle. Agnès are totally going crazy! It's also nice to see a bunch of supermodel (Anja Rubik,...) doing the choral!

lundi 6 février 2012

New campaigns SS12


What do you think about the new campaigns this season, which one is your favourite? Here are mine ;)

I think this season Balmain did really well. It stays in the style of the house (rock- casual) but with some edge. There is some David Bowie inspiration huh? The whole hair style and very structured and well fitted clothes are really his style! I love it, and the colors as well are reminding me of this time ;) Of course, Anja Rubik does quite a lot in this!


Just WOW! It is one of my favourite. How cool is this collage? Every year Stella makes campaigns that really strikes me (do you remember the one of last year? With all the lemons and oranges? ). It is always in fashion but in her way. She uses pastel tone as well as black and white, the clothes are highlighted, and not to mention the model... Natalia Vodianova. We're quite used to see her in Stella McCartney's campaigns but she fits so well this brand.


Sicilian family, gorgeous brunette models, sun, sounds like D&G huh? The whole family picture idea is so nice. Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci are fitting so well the frame. Clothes have such a summer feeling, when you see this campaign you have just one idea and it's to be back in summer!


I think it is one of the only campaign that has that much a dark side. Well, it is really Givenchy like no? The whole deserted beach with some bad ass in a car is quite nice I think. It is not a surprise to see Mariacarla Boscono in the campaign, but Gisele Bundchen? I'm still not sure if she really fits the style, but I recognize that the "rendu" of these are pretty nice!


Ah, I think this one is really the best! Clothes are wonderful (as usual! Isabel Marant ss12 collection is to die for! Every thing is perfect from the shoes to the jackets to the tops to the pants..and so on!), the model is über- perfect (Ah, Arizona Muse...) and the whole car- shooting is quite nice too! Juste three words to say: Isabel I LOVE YOU! (okay four!)

Don't all this gives you want to wear all these summer clothes?!  Life is not fair, the weather is minus something and new collection are here... Hum yeah, we better get some tea and do a nice wish list for this summer, so that we're ready! :D